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API 2488 Console
Neve 5432 Summing Mixer
Universal Audio 610 Console Pre W / Eq

3M M23 Tape Machine
Ampex Model 354 Tape Machine
Ampex Model 300 Tape Machine
Ampex Ag 440 Tape Machine
Apogee Symphony 64 System Daw
Digi Design Pro Tools 9 Daw
Studer A800 Mkiii Tape Machine

Ace Tone Eh-100 Delay
ADM 1922 Pre
ADM VPA 2780 Mic Pre & Adm 1540 Eq Channel Strip (2)
ADM 1541 Eqs Eq
BBC Am6 / 7 Limiter
BBC Am9 / 6 – Mark 2 / 13 Mic Pre / Limiter
DBX 160 X Compressor / Limiter
DBX 500 Disco Boom Fx
Department Of Commerce Ca 1503 Compressor / Limiter (2)
Echoplex Em1 Delay
Electrodyne Ca 700 Limiter
Electrodyne 251 Eq
EMIMic Pre Pre
EMITg12413 Limiter
EMI 920 Eq
Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor / Limiter
Fairchild 660 Compressor (2)
Fairchild 659a Reverb
Federal Am 864 / U Compressor / Limiter (2)
Gates Sta-level Compressor
Helios F 760 Compressor
Inovonics 201 Compressor / Limiter
Inward Connections Vac Rac Tube Pre / Eq / Limiter Mic Pre / Eq / Limiter
Limpander Le-33 Compressor / Limiter
Magnasync Pre
Mic Mix Master Room Reverb
Mu-tron 1173 Digital Delay Delay
Navy Am 713 A-g Compressor
Neotek 1e Channel Strip
Neve 2254 / A Compressor / Limiter
Pultec Eqp-1a3 Eq (2)
Pye Compressor Compressor / Limiter
Quad Eight Mp La Pre (6)
Quad Eight Rv10 Reverb
RCA Ba6a Compressor
Roland Space Echo Re-150 Delay
Roland Chorus Echo Re-301 Delay / Effects
Shadow Hills Pax Am Edition Compressor / Limiter
Spectra Sonics 610 Compressor / Limiter
Tapco 4400 Reverb
Telefunken V-672 Pre
Teletronix La2a Compressor / Limiter
Trident S40 Pre Amp
Universal Audio 610 A Pre
Universal Audio 1108 Pre (4)
Universal Audio 565 Filter Set Filter (2)
Urei Cooper Time Cube 920 Delay
Vocal Stresser F 769 X-r Eq / Compressor / Limiter
Ward Beck Systems M463la Channel Strip
Gates Sa 39 (2)

AKG D19 E Dynamic Microphone
AKG D19 B200 Dynamic Microphone
AKG D19 C Dynamic Microphone
AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone
AKG D12 Dynamic Microphone
Altec 632c Dynamic Microphone
Altec 685 A
American D 9 At Dynamic Microphone
Calrad Dm-17 Dynamic Microphone
Calrad 500c Ribbon Microphone
Coles 4033a Ribbon Microphone (2)
Electro Harmonix Eh-r1 Ribbon Microphone (2)
Electro Harmonix Eh-c2 Condensor Microphone (2)
Electro Voice 667a Condensor Microphone
Electro Voice 664 Dynamic Microphone
Neumann U 47 Tube Microphone (4)
Neumann U 67 Tube Microphone
Neumann / Geffel Um 57 Stereo Tube Microphone
Philips Type El 6030 Dynamic Microphone (2)
Philips El 6021 / 60
Philips Type 9549 / 05
RCA Pb 90 Ribbon Microphone
RCA Pb 144 Ribbon Microphone
RCA 77 D Ribbon Microphone
Sennheiser Md 4 S (2)
Sennheiser Md 421 Dynamic Microphone
Sennheiser / Telefunken Md 421 Dynamic Microphone
Shure 55 Sh Series Iii Dynamic Microphone
Shure Sm 7 Dynamic Microphone
Shure (3) Sm 57 Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken Td 20 Ts
Tesla 516450 Crystal Microphone
Tesla Amk 102 Crystal Microphone
Tesla 516001 Crystal Microphone
Turner 25 D Dynamic Microphone
Unidyne B 515 Sb Dynamic Microphone

Over 35 guitars, basses, mandolins and banjos – all classic makes and models. Many of them used in previous album recording sessions for DRA.

Ampeg B-15 N Amplifier
Fender Princeton Amplifier
Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier
Ampeg B-15 N Amplifier

Slingerland 4 Piece Drum Kit (Vintage)

Estee Pump Organ
Fender Rhodes Keyboard
Optigon Organ